Welcome to the Boone Center for the Family

The Boone Center for the Family is an extension of Pepperdine University's commitment to building lives of service, purpose, and leadership. Encouraging the integration of Christian faith and psychology, the Boone Center for the Family offers programming that educates, equips, and empowers leaders with the tools necessary to foster healthy relationships.

Specialized seminars deliver practical skills and provide support resources to diverse audiences, from couples looking to strengthen their marriages to young adults exploring ways to nurture their interpersonal relationships to church leaders discovering new ways to support spiritual formation in their faith communities. 

Learn more about our mission and vision.

  • Our Mission

    The Boone Center for the Family is a relationship training and resource center devoted to integrating psychology and theology to strengthen and promote healthy relationships as we honor God's essential foundation - the family.

  • Our Vision

    The Boone Center for the Family will be a nationally recognized and highly valued leader in helping the church, Pepperdine, and other organizations become places where healthy, God-honoring relationships are formed and strengthened.